Ark Pulmonoscorpius: How to tame and feed Pulmonoscorpius

Ark Pulmonoscorpius: The Pulmonoscorpius Gigantus were a large, carnivorous insect that lived during the Late Silurian period. They were similar to scorpions, but were significantly larger and had a paralyzing venom. They could be found anywhere from caves to jungles, and they hunted their prey, such as cave animals. If an encounter took place, an attack would immediately ensue with paralyzing venom being used until the prey or predator was killed. Alternatively, if they were able to tame one, they could use it to subdue other creatures or enemies.

Ark Pulmonoscorpius Appearance

Pulmonoscorpius is a scorpion that can be found throughout warm areas of an island. Their exoskeleton is made of chitin, and they have many venom sacs located within their pincers and an impressive set of venom sacs that are attached to their stinger. They feed on decomposing meat, which paralyzes their prey. Their blood is different from most animals, being green.

Ark Pulmonoscorpius: How to tame and feed Pulmonoscorpius

Taming and Hunting Pulmonoscorpius in ARK

Pulmonoscorpius is a creature that can quickly sting you with its venom. To avoid this, you can use a trap to immobilize it, or use a flying creature to pick it up and put it in a pen.

There are three ways to capture a Pulmonoscorpius: with a bola, bear trap, or flying creature. If you’re going to capture it with a creature, make sure to equip a taming pen first. Once you have the Pulmonoscorpius in the pen, you’ll need to feed it spoiled meat or kibble to make it unconscious. To keep the Pulmonoscorpius captive, use Narcotic or Narcoberries to keep it unconscious and the stun level high.

How to make the Pulmonoscorpius saddle

To create a saddle for Pulmonoscorpius in the game, you must reach level 22 and spend 12 Engram Points to access the crafting recipe. The materials required to make the saddle are as follows:

  • 170x Hide
  • 95x Fiber
  • 30x Wood

How to feed the Ark Pulmonoscorpius

To keep your Pulmonoscorpius happy and healthy, you need to find out what type of food it likes to eat. Pulmonoscorpius are meat-eaters, so this is easy to do. For more detail click the link.

Ark Pulmonoscorpius taming food

  • Regular Kibble
  • Spoiled Meat
  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat

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