Final Fantasy XIV: Best Way to Get Bluefeather Lynx Mount

Best Way to Get Bluefeather Lynx Mount:  In Final Fantasy XIV, people really like to get cool animals to ride around on. They are really important and people always want to get them when the game updates. The newest update, called Endwalker, has some new animals to ride called Lynx.

These special animals are connected to really hard challenges with a game that eight people play together. There are three of them, and the newest one is called Bluefeather Lynx. The other two came out last December and were called Divine Light and Darkness Lynx.

The Bluefeather Lynx is a really cool animal you can ride in a game. It looks like it’s from a big battle in the game. You can get it by playing a really hard level, but there’s a guide that can help you get it faster.

Best Way to Get Bluefeather Lynx Mount In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: Best Way to Get Bluefeather Lynx Mount

If you want to ride on the really cool “Endsinger” mount in the game, you have to get something called a Bluefeather Lynx flute first. This will let you add the Bluefeather Lynx to your list of mounts and you can call it whenever you want. But it’s not easy to get the flute – you have to work hard for it!

  • To get the Bluefeather Lynx flute, you need to finish a really hard game called Minstrel Ballad: Endsinger Aria. It’s like a test that only the best players can pass.
  • Only big kids who have reached level 90 can play this game. But if little kids keep playing the game over and over again and collect 99 special things, they can also get a cool thing called a mount.
  • It may be hard to get the flute because it doesn’t show up very often. You may need to spend a lot of time and work hard to get it.
  • We don’t know for sure, but people think that there is a small chance, about 2%, to get the flute. For more detail click the link.

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