Bethesda officially announces Starfield release date

Bethesda officially announces Starfield release date: We have new information about the game. The game is coming out on a new date.

A new update video was published today by Bethesda, letting fans know that the game is still scheduled to be released on September 6, 2023.

The video shows game director Todd Howard addressing the public from Bethesda’s offices. He said that more details about the game will be revealed in a special event dedicated to Starfield, called Starfield Direct, which will take place on June 11.

This June, we will have a special session with you at the studio where we will show you more about the game Starfield. There is still so much to show you, and the game features many of the features you would expect from us, but it is also a very unique experience.

This is good news for everyone who was worried about why Starfield wasn’t included in the January 25 Developer Direct. It’s likely that Microsoft-owned Bethesda Softworks didn’t want it to overshadow the other announcements they had planned for that day. The dedicated Starfield showcase will probably air right after Microsoft’s annual Xbox showcase on Sunday, June 11th.

Microsoft wanted to delay its two biggest Xbox exclusives for the year, so that they would not be released together. Redfall, a vampire-hunting looter-shooter, is scheduled for a May release, while the next Xbox exclusive, Project Scorpio, is not scheduled to be released until late 2017.

We don’t know if the games will cost $70 yet, but it’s likely because they are both very big and have a lot of content.

Starfield was supposed to come out on November 11th, but something happened and the publisher didn’t say when fans could expect it.

We don’t have any information about the game yet. We only saw a little bit of it during a presentation earlier this year.

Starfield is a game where you can explore space and complete missions. You can make friends and alliances with other players, and the game will let you explore different parts of the galaxy.

 Bethesda officially announces Starfield release date

The game will let you play it in either first- or third-person, and it will let you customize your character’s skin, facial features, hair, and more.

Bethesda is counting on Starfield becoming a success, as it will be the only first-party Xbox exclusive coming out in the near future.

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