Capcom removes Denuvo from Resident Evil Village

Capcom removes Denuvo from Resident Evil Village: Resident Evil Village included Denuvo anti-piracy software when it launched back in May 2021. But now, after the game’s release, Denuvo has been quietly removed.

Village was protected by a 3rd-party DRM, Denuvo, but it was removed a few days after it was reported by Dark Side of Gaming. SteamDB then tracked a new change to the game that stated that Village had been removed from the PC machine activation limit.

Some people think that video game piracy is bad because it helps to make video games cheaper for people who don’t want to buy them, but Resident Evil Village’s Denuvo protection made the game worse for many people because it made it so that the game was not as fun to play. Capcom released an update to Resident Evil Village that was designed to “optimise the anti-piracy technology,” which confirmed that the DRM was causing problems.

Capcom removes Denuvo from Resident Evil Village
Img credit : (Capcom)

Sometimes, when Capcom releases games, they include Denuvo software with them. Denuvo is a kind of anti-piracy software, and it has been in most of Capcom’s games lately. But Denuvo has been cracked pretty quickly in most cases, and it’s taken Capcom a lot of time to get rid of it. But they’ve finally done it in Village, and it’s been interesting to watch because it’s taken them so long. Warner Bros. Games Montreal also accidentally removed Denuvo from a game last year, but they fixed it quickly.

Some people are reporting problems with the game, including problems with getting around and saving their progress. But so far, it hasn’t been confirmed that Denuvo is the cause of those problems. for more details click the link.

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