Diablo 4 Will Receive New Story Content Every 3 Months

Diablo 4 Will Receive New Story Content Every 3 Months: Diablo IV will receive updates every three months that will add new storylines.

Joe Piepiora from Diablo IV said that the game will have quarterly updates with new story content and a new seasonal battle pass. This will come in both free and premium forms. Previously, Blizzard has confirmed that the game’s first season will not come out with Diablo IV, but it will come later.

Blizzard recently released a video detailing what the endgame for Diablo IV will look like. Nightmare dungeons, which are tougher versions of the 100 dungeons in the game, will be a big part of the experience. Out in the open world, called Helltides, players will find areas that are even harder. This makes the endgame very replayable.

Diablo 4 Will Receive New Story Content Every 3 Months


In the cover story, Blizzard revealed that players will have to overcome two additional affixes when conquering Diablo IV’s endgame Nightmare dungeons. One such affix will see an invincible pillar of lightning constantly chase players throughout the dungeon, while another will add a shade that follows players and, if touched, will obscure their vision and summon additional enemies.

Helltides are temporary events that happen in different parts of the world. During a Helltide, tougher enemies will spawn, including versions of bosses that normally don’t live in that area. This event will last for a limited time, and eventually goes away.

Diablo IV’s recent beta was huge and many people reached level 20. Blizzard is planning to host a livestream on April 20 to answer player feedback and explore more about the game’s endgame systems. Diablo IV is scheduled to release on June 6.


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