Elden Ring Player Suffers Heartbreak During the Fire Giant Fight

Elden Ring Player Suffers Heartbreak During the Fire Giant Fight: A player in the Elden Ring game lost a fight against a big, tough boss. It can be hard to win these fights, and the game gets harder as you go along. This particular fight is especially hard, because it’s in the middle of the game’s third act.

Some people who play the game “Elden Ring” have shared videos of their defeats against the Fire Giant. Some of these losses can be attributed to bad luck, but one user shared a video of their defeat that may have been caused by something else. In this video, the player is about to defeat the Fire Giant, but just before they can, they die.

In the fight against the Fire Giant in Elden Ring, Reddit user SendInRandom shared a clip of their fight. It shows that the boss only has a sliver of health left, while the player has over half of their health. It looks like they will obtain victory after landing the next hit. SendInRandom cleverly dodges a couple of fireballs as they charge toward the Fire Giant, only for the boss to unleash a devastating area-of-effect fire attack, killing the player in just two hits.

Elden Ring Player Suffers Heartbreak During the Fire Giant Fight

Some people in the comments section offer advice, such as recommending that SendInRandom craft throwables like knives in Elden Ring in situations similar to the one in this clip. Another player mentions that their greed cost them the kill, suggesting that a simple Freezing Pot would have done the job. SendInRandom says that they have never seen the Fire Giant use this move before, which is why it took them by surprise and led to their unfortunate defeat.

Some users say that the Fire Giant is a difficult boss to fight, but others think it’s not that bad. Some people find the move that downed SendInRandom the worst in the game, but the Fire Giant is actually not one of the five hardest bosses in Elden Ring. For more detail click the link.

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