Find Smuggling Tunnels Location In Warzone DMZ

Smuggling Tunnels Location In Warzone DMZ: This guide will help you find smuggling tunnels in Warzone DMZ. We’ve covered everything you need to know, from what smuggling tunnels are to their specific locations. So let’s get started!

What Are Smuggling Tunnels?

Tunnels are used to smuggle goods between different parts of Warzone DMZ. The tunnels are often hidden, but with our help, you can find them and stop them from being used.

Find Smuggling Tunnels Location In Warzone DMZ

The mission to find the smuggling tunnels in the DMZ in MW2 is called the Smuggling Tunnels, and is a mission for the White Lotus faction.

The goal of this mission is to find the smuggling tunnels, place surveillance cameras at two entrances, and extract all of the hostages in one go. Before you go on this mission, make sure to bring some cameras that can help you see in the dark.

Smuggling Tunnels Location In Warzone DMZ

There are two entrances to the smuggling tunnels. One is in the middle of nowhere, and we marked it on the map. It’s hard to find, but we’ll help you if you need it.

The first entrance is near the red circle. There are gates that have been blown open, but they are easy to spot.

The second entrance is on the second red circle. You can either parachute down the well or use the rope to get down.

When you reach the tunnel entrances, you will have completed the first mission objective. Now enter the tunnels and clear them of enemies. If you did not bring any Tactical Cameras with you on this mission, you may find some in the tunnels.

To complete the second objective, you’ll need to use the cameras to watch two of the entrances. Make sure the cameras are positioned just inside the tunnel entrance so they can see the entrance itself. If you make a mistake, you can’t pick them back up.

Find Smuggling Tunnels Location In Warzone DMZ

Now you can exit the mission safely, getting your rewards along the way.

You can find the smuggling tunnels in the DMZ in the game MW2. They’re well hidden, but you can find them if you know where to look.

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DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location in Warzone (FAQS)

Here is some questions related to DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location: 

Where are the Smuggling Tunnels in warzone DMZ?

The Smuggling Tunnels is a stronghold located north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric. You will need a Stronghold Keycard to gain entry, and the Smuggling Tunnels itself is a small cave system that spans across a wide area of the sand dunes between Rohan Oil and Al Mazrah City.

How do you complete Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ?

Watch the video guide to complete smuggling  tunnels in dmz:

What is the mission Smuggling Tunnels in MW2?

The mission to find the Smuggling Tunnels in the DMZ is for the White Lotus faction. There are three main goals: finding the tunnels, placing cameras to watch them, and extracting everyone in one go.

How do you unlock the smugglers office in DMZ?

The key to the DMZ Smuggler’s Office can be found randomly while playing through Al Mazrah. You can get it by killing enemies and looting their bodies, completing HVT contracts, or finding containers.

How to find building 21 dmz?

You can find Building 21 Access Cards in Orange Supply Boxes and Supply Drops around Al Mazrah. You can also get a Building 21 Access Card by killing a Commander in the MW2 DMZ.

Is DMZ Cod free?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode is really fun and I spent most of my holiday vacation playing it. I really enjoy the way it’s designed, and it’s almost too good to be free.

Can you unlock operators in warzone DMZ?

To become a Weapon Blueprints owner, you must pass a test in DMZ. You can get emblems, calling cards, and other weapon-related items by doing well on this test.

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