Genshin Impact Akademiya Q and A: Get All 6 Correct Answers

Genshin Impact Akademiya Q and A: Do you have trouble answering questions in Genshin Impact? We can help! Here’s a list of all the right answers for the Akademiya questions. By answering these questions, you can unlock new quests, characters, and puzzles in the game’s Sumeru region.

In a game called Genshin Impact, there is a character named Akademiya who asks you questions. It’s important to answer them correctly, but some people get stuck. Luckily, there are cheat codes that can help you get past this part easily. They’re called Akademiya Answers and they will make sure you get a perfect score.

All 6 Correct Answers of Genshin Akademiya Q And A Genshin

Akademiya Q&A is a special task that players in Genshin Impact can get while playing in a place called Sumeru. They have to talk to a character called Ziryab and answer three random questions correctly. There’s no extra prize for getting all three right, but it’s an achievement. It’s important to try to find the right answers instead of just guessing to increase your chances of success.

Answer all six questions right to get a prize called “Scholarly in Sumeru” and earn Primogems. Here are the answers to all six questions.

What’s the name of the Darshan with the largest number of researchers?Amurta
What’s the name of this Darshan?Spantamad
What’s the name of the tree holding up the Akademiya?Divine Tree
What’s the name of those barriers?Wall of Samiel
What’s the name of the beast?Sumpter Beast
What’s the name of the monster?Fungi


Genshin Impact Akademiya Q and A

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