Get Ready for Apex Legends Season 17: New POI, Weapons Mastery System and More

Apex Legends Season 17: There’s a new video game season coming called Arsenal, and the people who make the game showed us some new things we can do in it. They showed us a cool new character called Ballistic, but the most exciting part was a new place we can go to in the game called a POI, which is on a map called World’s Edge.

The Apex Legends Twitter account changed its name to “Apex Games Museum” and posted some mysterious messages and videos. They showed a new place in the game that looks different from before. They also showed a character with interesting powers and a way to use a balloon that no one had seen before.

Get Ready for Apex Legends Season 17: New POI, Weapons Mastery System and More

The video showed that there will be changes to a game mode called “Ranked Mode“, but they didn’t say what the changes will be. But they also said that there will be a new system called “Weapons Mastery” where players can earn rewards by getting better with their weapons. This will make players who play the game a lot happy because they will have something new to work towards.

There are some changes happening in a game called Apex. One part of the game, called Ranked Mode, is getting an update. Another part of the game, called the Firing Range, is also getting updated. This might include a tutorial for new players and some new items to help players survive. One new item is a yellow balloon called an Evac Tower, which players can use to escape quickly. It will disappear after being used so no one can follow them.

Get Ready for Apex Legends Season 17: New POI, Weapons Mastery System and More

The trailer showed a new museum in the game where players can learn about the history of the Apex Games and buy things related to the characters. The museum was made by a bad guy who controls the organization that runs the games. The museum has information about all the players who compete in the games and when they started.

A new season of Apex Legends is starting on May 9th! If you’re playing the game, make sure you finish up any challenges you’re working on before the new season begins. There’s more information about what’s coming in the new season if you want to check it out.

Apex Legends is a game you can play on your computer or game console for free. There’s also a version of the game you can play on your phone, but it’s going away today at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. For more detail click the link.

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