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Golden Order Greatsword: The Golden Order Greatsword is very shiny and pretty, but it is not really strong. It is a greatsword that is used mostly by people with a lot of faith and dexterity. It has a special weapon art that makes it very useful for many different character builds.

The Greatsword deals holy damage to multiple enemies with one swing, making it a great tool for fighting hordes of enemies in the Lands Between.

The sword has different stats, which makes it good for different classes in Elden Ring – like the Prophet. So, if you want to build a sword that looks awesome and can help you in both PvE and PvP, I suggest using a build that has these stats.

What is the Golden Order Greatsword?

Golden Order Greatsword


  • Strength: 16
  • Dexterity: 21
  • Faith: 28


  • Strength: E
  • Dexterity: D
  • Faith: C


  • Establish Order

The Golden Order Greatsword is a very special sword that you can find early in the game. It is dropped by an optional boss, and depends on your Faith and Dexterity levels.

You must upgrade your Faith to improve your main attacks. However, the sword works just like any other Legendary Greatsword without the unique Ash of War ability. So, unless you want a weapon with special physical damage, I suggest you get it as soon as possible.

The Greatsword Golden Order is a short sword that deals Holy damage in melee and medium-ranged attacks. However, the Establish Order ability is the real threat to all your enemies. When you activate the skill, the sword sends waves of golden explosions toward the opponents, dealing damage and knocking them off.

Best Golden Order Greatsword Build

Best Golden Order Greatsword Build

The Golden Order is a large belief system in the Lands Between. Some prominent people in the game follow it, and it is preached by Two Fingers. One of the main ways to be successful in the Lands Between is by using a legendary weapon called the Golden Order Greatsword. However, this sword alone isn’t enough to make you the best player. You also need other gear, spells, and items to help you do your best.

There is no one right way to build a computer, as everyone’s preferences and style will vary. To help you find the right tools and equipment to build a computer that is perfect for you, many players have shared their builds. After studying all these builds, I’ve created a list of the best tools and equipment you can use to create your own computer.

You are free to experiment with other equipment to see what works best with your Golden Order Greatsword. Here is a guide to creating the best build for the weapon.

Recommended Stats

To use a certain weapon, you need to have the right stats. First, you must upgrade your stats to meet the minimum requirements. For example, if you want to use a Faith weapon, you’ll need to improve your Strength and Dexterity levels.

The sword you acquire near the mid-game section requires at least 16 Strength, 21 Dexterity, and 28 Faith to use. If you get the sword before the required minimums are met, you can still use the sword in two hands.

To make the most of your character’s abilities, you need to focus on upgrading your Faith, Dexterity, and Strength attributes. You can do this by working on each of these in turn, starting with Faith first.

Once you despise belief scaling, you need to turn your attention to improving strength, sanity, intelligence, and stamina. The power and sanity are extremely important as they increase your HP and FP capacity. Likewise, Intelligence and Stamina are vital to any build as they increase your resistance to various physical and magical threats. Here’s a list of all the stats you can use to aim for the Elden Beast:

  • Arcane: 45
  • Dexterity: 50
  • Endurance: 35
  • Faith: 40
  • Intelligence: 20
  • Mind: 20
  • Strength: 24
  • Vigor: 48

There is a certain level of polish that you should aim for before fighting the Elden Beast. However, don’t worry if you’re not there yet. You will still progress through the game and complete various quests before the final battle. You can also adjust the attributes to suit your playing style.

Recommended Weapons

Many Greatsword builds focus on enhancing the impact of your primary weapon. For example, if your primary weapon causes bleeding damage, you’ll need to equip a secondary weapon that deals the same kind of damage.

Depending on how far through the game you are, you can choose between a number of different weapons to use as your secondary weapon. For example, if you’re playing for the first time, you might use the Winged Scythe or Godslayer’s Greatsword.

To make sure you’re doing the most damage with your Godslayer’s seal, you need to equip it on your weapon and then choose a secondary weapon that deals Holy damage. However, if you’re playing on NG+1, you can always use the Sacred Relic Sword as your secondary weapon.

Recommended Armor

The armor you should wear for this build in Elden Ring is different from other builds. You don’t need to use any specific armor sets; you can wear whatever you find until you find something better.

You can use the Ruler’s Mask and the Mausoleum Knight Set together to make a headcover. The mask protects you from magical attacks, fire damage, and a lot of physical damage.

The Mausoleum Knight Set is a complete set of armor that will protect your other parts of your body. It is better than the Ruler’s Mask in terms of resisting physical damage, and you can choose to wear other armor to better resist Holy damage when you face the Elden Beast.

Recommended Spells

The Greatsword is shorter than other weapons, so you’ll have to rely on other weapons and spells to attack ranged targets. And, because magic spells are so important in any Faith & Dexterity build, I’ve selected three spells that can help you in all kinds of situations.

The spells on this list will help you in your battles. Loretta’s Greatbow can be used to shoot enemies from a distance, the Golden Vow spell can help you fight stronger enemies, and the Greatblade Phalanx spell can be useful if you don’t have a companion for your Greatsword yet.

If you want to be a good spellcaster, you have to know when to use your magic and when to use your strategy. Some spells are more useful in certain situations, so you should use them selectively. For example, if you want to play aggressively, use spells that deal fire damage, cause Scarlet Rot, or restore your health. Spirit Ashes are also important, so make sure to collect them when you can.

You can collect ash from various locations in the game. These ashes can be helpful in various situations, and you’re not limited to using just these spirits. You can choose your own summon to improve your build depending on your strategies.

Recommended Talismans

Talismans are special items in Elden Ring that can improve your abilities in various ways. For example, the Godskin Swaddling Cloth can boost your resistance, the Lord of Blood’s Exultation can lower your FP cost, and the Eye of the North can increase the damage output of your attacks. Having the right talismans in your slots can greatly influence the outcome of your strategies.

You can choose one of the remaining items to add to your character. If you’re still not sure about what to choose, you can choose between the Winged Sword Insignia, Crimson Seed Talisman, Erdtree’s Favor, and Green Turtle Talisman. For more detail click the link.


How to get the Golden Order Greatsword?

The Golden Order Greatsword is a legendary weapon that you can find before the mid-game phase of Elden Ring. However, you must first unlock the Mountaintop of the Giants, travel to the Cave of the Forlorn, and defeat the Misbegotten Crusader to acquire this weapon. He is an optional boss that doesn’t appear in the main storyline. So, you must explore on your part to reach this section of the Lands Between.

Can I use the Golden Order Greatsword in Elden Ring Online?

The Golden Order Greatsword is a good weapon to use against invaders in Elden Ring Online, but the Establish Order Weapon Art is a great skill for dealing massive Holy damage to multiple opponents at the same time. If you’re afraid of being alone against a group of invaders, I suggest adding this weapon to your inventory.

How to upgrade the Establish Order?

The Establish Order is a signature Weapon Art of the Golden Order Greatsword. It works best when your Faith stat is high, and you also need to upgrade your Mind attribute to increase your FP bar. This will allow you to use the skill multiple times in a single battle.

How to get two Golden Order Greatswords?

There is only one Golden Order Greatsword available to players in the game, and it’s dropped by the Misbegotten Crusader. The Walking Mausoleums don’t offer any chance of obtaining a second one. However, if you play the game again on harder levels (NG+1), or ask friends in the online community to drop a spare weapon for you, you can get a second one.

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