How Can I Get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts: Wild Hearts is a game where you go on a big adventure to hunt for special creatures called Kemono. You get to choose different weapons and clothes to help you catch them. You can even make some of your own clothes using parts from the creatures you catch!

In a game called Wild Hearts, there are special things you can find to make your character stronger. One of the most important things is called Serpent Slough, but it is different from other things you can find. You can’t get it from big animals you hunt, you have to find a small and sneaky animal instead. To get it, you have to follow special directions.

What is Serpent slough In wild hearts?

Sarpent slough is a special thing that you can get by beating certain snakes called Whipthrash Serpents. You can only find this special thing in certain places on the map. Let’s talk more about it!

How Can I Get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

Where to find Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

To get something called Serpent Slough, you have to go to a place called Natsukodachi Isle and look for flying serpents called Whipthrash Serpents. You have to hunt and kill these serpents to get the Serpent Slough drops. You can’t keep them as pets to get the drops.

How Can I Get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

To get Serpent Slough, you need to defeat a creature called a Whipthrash Serpent on an island called Natsukodachi Isle. These creatures only live on this island and when you defeat them, you get Serpent Slough. But there is something important to remember when trying to get it.

As you play Wild Hearts, you might notice that when you defeat certain animals at different parts of the game, they give you different things. For example, if you defeat a small Kemono in Chapter 1, you might get something different than if you defeat it in Chapter 4. The same thing happens with Whipthrash Serpents.

If you want to beat the Whipthrash Serpent and get its special Serpent Slough, it’s better to go to Chapters 1 or 2 on the map before going to Spirit Isle. After Chapter 3, you won’t be able to get Serpent Slough from it anymore. For more detail click the link.

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