How to Add Friends on Candy Crush

How to Add Friends on Candy Crush: Adding Friends in Candy Crush is a simple process. In this article, you will learn how to add friends on Candy Crush.

First of all, open the official site of Candy Crush, for which you have to type Candy Crush Saga into your web browser, then click the first link. or launch Candy Crush on your phone.

Then, in the top left corner, you’ll see the Friends option; click on it. then your friend list will display; you can add friends or report from there.

The process is very easy, follow these steps and add friends on candy crush.

People Also Ask:

Is Candy Crush a PC game?

Yes Candy Crush is a Mobile as well as pc game. you can play in both device. This game is quite famous and successfull.

Is there an ending to Candy Crush?

There is no ending in Candy crush. New level is constantly added to it.

How to play Candy Crush on PC?

To play candy crush on pc follow this steps:

  1. Download Bluestack on your pc.
  2. Search Candy Crush  on Search Bar.
  3. Select Candy crush from shown result.
  4. Press on download.
  5. Then finally you can play it on your pc.

What is the world record for highest level on Candy Crush?

The highest level ever reached by the player is 1,999,259,792.

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