How to Change Player Appearance In Wild Hearts?

How to Change Player Appearance In Wild Hearts: In Wild Hearts, you can customize the look of your character after you’ve created them. Mujina will help you get started, and the game has a lot of customization options. As you play, you might get tired of your character’s look, or want to try something new. We’ve written a guide to help you find out how to change your character’s look.

How to Change Player Appearance In Wild Hearts?

The way Wild Hearts’ alter appearance works is that it can be associated with certain items. One of these is the Looking Glass, which is used in the game Dragon Karakuri. Players need to earn Kemono Orbs during gameplay in order to unlock it.

Dragon karakuri are designed for specific purposes, such as moving things or opening locks. They don’t need any materials or elements, and you can build as many as you want in a Dragon Pit. Some players build water-type karakuri, like the Looking Glass, and they need to use Dragon Pit resources to build them safely.

How to Change Player Appearance In Wild Hearts?

How Do I Unlock and Use the Looking Glass?

The Looking Glass Karakuri allows you to customize the appearance of your character in the game. To unlock it, go into the map menu and click the Karakuri tab. Then, move down 17 times from where Hunter’s Tent Karakuri sits until you reach the Looking Glass Karakuri.

The Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri is a mirror that can be used to access the character creation screen for customizing your appearance. You need to upgrade it first before spending 1,500 Kemono Orbs to unlock it.

The Looking Glass has a high Earth cost, so it’s best suited for Minato because there are no elemental restrictions on how many Karakuri you can place there. Once it’s placed, you can use any time to change its appearance without any penalties from any faction or character creators. Fore more detail click the link.

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