How to Get Dead Messenger In Destiny 2

How to Get Dead Messenger In Destiny 2: The new Exotic Grenade Launcher called the Dead Messenger is very rare and has a special feature that releases three waves of energy instead of just one. This makes it better at dealing damage to large groups of enemies. You can also change the element of the grenade launcher to match the shields of the enemies and deal even more damage.

How to Get Dead Messenger Destiny 2

Dead Messenger is a special kind of envelope that can tell you about a person’s life after they die. To get it, you need to follow the instructions below.

  • You will play through the Witch Queen campaign until you complete the The Investigation mission.
  • You have to finish the Rising Tension quest to finish the game.
  • Complete the first seven steps of Operation Elbrus, which will unlock the Kill the Courier quest.
  • You have to finish the Vox Obscura mission to finish the game.

Remember, when taking on a Vox Obscura mission, it may be important to be levelled up before starting. This will make the task easier.

How to Get Dead Messenger In Destiny 2

Is it worth it to get the Dead Messenger?

Before you start your quest to find the Dead Messenger, you may be tempted to think it isn’t worth it. But we can assure you that it is an essential part of your quest.

The Dead Messenger Grenade Launcher has an extra special feature – you can change its ammo type by pressing the button on the gun. This makes it a more powerful version of the Wave Frame Grenade Launcher, which fires single shots.

The Dead Messenger Grenade Launcher has two benefits that work together to make it a powerful weapon: it can shoot out a lot of projectiles quickly, and it can adapt to any shield type. For more detail click the link.

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