How to Get Lucky Pokemon & how Guaranteed Lucky Trades Work?

How to Get Lucky Pokemon & how Guaranteed Lucky Trades Work? Pokemon Go is a really fun game that lots of people like to play. You can do all sorts of things like trading, fighting with other players, stopping bad guys, and catching Pokemon. It’s like playing a game in the real world!

Pokemon Go has something special called Lucky Pokemon. This guide will tell you all about them and how they can help your team do better.

How Guaranteed Lucky Trades Work

When you play a game with your friend, you can sometimes make a special trade that makes your Pokemon even luckier. But there are other ways to make this happen too! A long time ago, the game people wanted to bring back people who stopped playing. They made a special rule for trading that makes your Pokemon lucky, but you have to follow some special rules to make it work.

  • You can only trade a Pokémon that you caught in 2016 or 2017.
  • The person who wants to do a special trade with a rare lucky Pokémon can only do it if they haven’t done it more than 15 times before.
  • The person who is getting the really lucky Pokémon doesn’t change how the trade works, but they get to keep track of how many lucky trades they have.
  • We’re not sure if making “Lucky Trades” with your best friend counts towards the limit, but some people think it might.

How to Get Lucky Pokemon & how Guaranteed Lucky Trades Work?

How to Get Lucky Pokemon?

When you trade Poke-mon, there’s a small chance they might become Lucky Pokemon, which are extra special. The longer you have had a Poke-mon, the more likely it is to become Lucky.

  • When people trade Pokemon, two things can happen. Either nothing special happens, or they get really lucky and something good happens.
  • If you want to have a better chance of getting a special Pokemon, you can trade with your lucky friends. You become lucky friends by meeting new people and there’s a small chance of it happening each day.

When a Pokemon becomes lucky, it costs less to make it stronger with special stuff called Stardust. If it’s also been purified, it becomes even cheaper to make it stronger than other kinds of Pokemon. For more detail click the link.

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