How to Insure a Business with a Remote Work Team

How to Insure a Business with a Remote Work Team: Because of COVID-19, many people are now working from home instead of going to their office. This happened much faster than we expected and it’s hard for everyone to adjust. Almost half of all businesses now have some employees working from home. When people work from home, it can be tricky to make sure their boss’s insurance still covers them.

It’s important to make sure everyone is still protected. Your personal home insurance is there to protect your home and family, not your work. If someone gets hurt on your property while doing personal things, your home insurance can help. But it won’t cover anything related to your job because it’s not designed for that. There are special rules that say this too. What kind of protection does a company need to make sure it’s safe when its workers are working from home?

How to Insure a Business with a Remote Work Team

General Liability

Just like how we need to be careful not to break things or hurt anyone when we’re playing, businesses also need to be careful not to accidentally harm people or property. They have something called “liability insurance” that helps protect them in case something unexpected happens. This is important even if the workers are working from home instead of in an office.

If someone who isn’t an employee gets hurt in your employee’s home office, the business might get in trouble and have to pay for their injuries or broken things. Like if a customer comes over to get something and gets hurt, the business would be responsible. Most of the time, your business insurance covers you and your employees wherever you go.

But sometimes there are limits, like if you only have coverage for certain places listed on your policy. If you or your employees work somewhere else, like a remote office, you should talk to your insurance agent to make sure you’re still covered.

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When some people work from home, we don’t worry about the place they work in. We only worry about the things they use to do their job, like the computers or phones that belong to the company. Different insurance companies might think of computers and computer things in different ways. Some call it stuff for work, while others might call it electronic things that do work, like both the things you can touch and the things that make them work.

When you buy insurance, you need to talk to the person who sells it to you very carefully. That way, if something bad happens and you need to use your insurance, you won’t have any problems. For example, if your computer gets stolen, you want to make sure your insurance covers it. So, it’s important to make sure you and the person selling you the insurance understand each other.

If something that you own is not where you said it would be when you bought insurance, then it is called “property off-premises”. The insurance will only cover a little bit of it if it’s not at the right place. People who have lots of workers who work away from the main place might need more insurance coverage for their things. Sometimes people might want to say their equipment is worth less than it really is so they pay less for insurance.

But it’s important to tell the truth about how much the equipment is actually worth so that you have enough insurance to cover it if something happens. If only one laptop gets broken, it’s not worth asking for help. But if lots of people work together and their things get damaged by something big like a tornado, that’s when it’s important to have a limit to how much help you can get. So it’s important to know how much help you can get before something big happens.

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Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability

If someone who works for you runs out of batteries for their computer’s mouse and has to go to the store to buy more, but then gets into a car accident, it might not be covered by your business insurance. They might need to have their own car insurance to cover the accident. But if they were driving a rental car or their own car for work, your business would need a special type of insurance to cover any accidents that might happen. It’s important to remember this even if your employees are working from home, because they might still need to drive for work sometimes.

Worker’s Compensation

If someone gets hurt while they’re working, they can get help and money to make them feel better. It doesn’t matter if they’re working at an office, at home, or at a coffee shop. Bosses try to make work safe so employees don’t get hurt. It’s easier to do in the office than when people work from home.

If someone gets hurt at home while working, and it’s because of their job, they can get help paying for medical stuff from Workers Comp. If your workers live in a different state than where the business is, you may need to add more rules to the work policy. Each state has its own laws for taking care of workers if they get hurt on the job.

You can ask someone for help or go to a website to learn more about the rules for different states. When people work from home, it’s important to make rules to keep them safe and prevent accidents. This can help keep the company from having to pay for injuries. A company called Hartford Insurance made a helpful guide to help bosses with employees who work from home.


Having Cyber Insurance is really important! More bad people are doing bad things on the internet since the sickness started. The FBI is saying it’s gone up a lot. Your insurance company wants to know you have rules to keep the bad people out. They want you to be safe from the bad guys who want to steal your stuff.

Forbes has some good ideas to help you stay safe, and your insurance company will be happy if you use them. Getting insurance for cyber attacks is important, but it’s not as simple as regular insurance. There are no standard forms for it like there are for other types of insurance. Your representative should check over the policy carefully to make sure your business is covered for what your employees do and the devices they use.

Personal Devices

If grown-ups use their own phones for work, the rules for staying safe online need to include those phones as part of the things that need to be protected from bad people trying to hurt them. Sometimes rules say the insurance only covers things that belong to the company. This means if someone who works for the company uses their own thing and something goes wrong, it might not be covered by the insurance.

Even if it affects the whole company. If you share your work stuff with your own phone or computer, and something bad happens because of it, your boss might have to pay a lot of money to fix it. But if the boss says you can’t use your own phone or computer, they won’t have to pay as much money if something bad happens.

Unencrypted Devices

Some companies that protect against cyber problems are asking people to make sure their devices are protected with a special code called encryption. This can be harder to check when people use their own computers at home instead of the ones at work.


When people work from home, they might accidentally break rules about keeping things private. Even if they promise to keep secrets safe at work, it’s harder to do that when they’re at home. Do you think it’s impossible for someone to send important information through email without it being protected? Or that they might write down personal details at home and not dispose of it properly? These things happen a lot and we need to make sure we check to make sure they don’t get left out accidentally.

Directors and Officers Liability

When a group of people in charge of a company make a decision, sometimes it can turn out bad. Directors and Officers Liability is like a protection for those people so they don’t get in trouble for making decisions for the company. Working from home can make it easier for people to say that their boss did something wrong or that the company didn’t have good rules for working from home. So it’s important for the company to have good insurance in case someone makes a complaint like that. For more detail click the link.


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