Procoptodon Ark: How to tame & Breed the Procoptodon In ARK

Procoptodon Ark: Procoptodon is a giant kangaroo-like animal that lived during the Pleistocene Epoch. It is similar in size to a human, but has long, leaping feet designed for avoiding predators. When threatened, Procoptodon will quickly flee. But it is also sometimes used for breeding and caring for young animals. Procoptodon can also carry small babies or other creatures in its pouch.

How to tame the Procoptodon in ARK

To capture a Procoptodon peacefully, first immobilize it using a chain bola or bear trap. The Procoptodon will likely try to flee after being attacked, so trapping it is key. After it’s trapped, tranquilizers may be administered easily enough to knock it unconscious. Then, other aggressive creatures in the area should be eliminated for optimal results when capturing or taming the Procoptodon.

To taming a Procoptodon, you will need to give it rare mushrooms or a Plant Species X seed. Once it consumes the seeds or mushrooms, the taming process will begin. If you want to make sure the taming process is successful, try using Narcoberries or an anesthetic to keep the Procoptodon unconscious.

How to Feed the Procoptodon in ARK

Procoptodon are herbivores, so they only eat plants. It’s important to know their nutritional needs so you can choose the right food for them.

  • Berries
  • Rare Mushroom
  • Plant Species X Seeds

Procoptodon Ark

How to Breed the Procoptodon In ARK

To get ready to breed Thorny Dragons, you will need a male and female. You will need a big, safe pen to put them in, and then you can tell them to roam around using the menu or set them to “Pair” mode if you’re nearby. If the dragons aren’t mating, the pairing process will stop.

The breeding interval for Thorny Dragons is between 18 and 48 hours. After that, the female Procoptodon will carry her baby for about four hours, provided the standard conditions that were in place before the mating still remain. After that, the baby Procoptodon will be born, and it will require your attention for 4.5 hours. You need to make sure that food is added to the baby’s inventory every 8 hours to maximize its stats.

As the Procoptodon becomes a juvenile, it can feed itself from troughs. The whole process of growing up takes around one day and 22.5 hours.

Procoptodon saddle: How to craft

In order to craft a saddle for a Procoptodon, players must reach level 23 and spend 35 memory points to unlock the recipe. The crafting process requires specific resources, including:

Pelt, Hair, or Wool300
Metal Ingots70

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