Microtransactions Have Killed The Call Of Duty Franchise

Microtransactions Have Killed The Call Of Duty Franchise: Some video games let you buy extra things to make your game more fun. Some people like this, but others think it’s not fair to have to pay more for something you already bought. Even though some people don’t like it, game makers still make a lot of money from these extra purchases.

The Call of Duty video game series is very popular. One of the games, Modern Warfare II, has sold more than another game called Vanguard. People can also buy things within the games called microtransactions, and more people are buying them each year. Some fans are happy, but others are not.

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Microtransactions Have Killed The Call Of Duty Franchise

People who really like playing Call of Duty are upset because the people who make the game are focusing too much on making money instead of making the game better. This makes the game not as good as it could be, and lots of people are saying they won’t get any better.

People who play a game called Reddit don’t think the game is good and won’t get better. They are sad because even though the game has problems, people keep spending money on it. They don’t think the game will improve in the future. For more detail click the link.

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