Niantic Mocks Pokemon Go Players In Now Deleted Tweet

Niantic Mocks Pokemon Go Players In Now Deleted Tweet: The people who made Pokemon GO said something mean on Twitter about the players of the game. This made the players upset because the people who made the game changed something and the players didn’t like it. The people who made the game took down their mean tweet after the players complained about it.

People who play a game called Pokemon GO are worried about a new feature called Remote Raid. The people who make the game, Niantic, changed the feature on April 6, but the players didn’t like the changes. Niantic’s response to the players’ complaints made things worse.

Someone made a post on a website that compared how many people were happy with a game to a tomato and popcorn. They also talked about going outside and used a special word to show they were talking about the game. The post was taken down later.

People on a website called Reddit didn’t like the way a company called Niantic was choosing people to review their game. They thought the reviewers only liked playing the game outside. Some people also thought it was not nice of the company to say things that seemed mean to their customers and then delete them when people got upset.

Niantic Mocks Pokemon Go Players In Now Deleted Tweet

Niantic, the company that made Pokemon GO, is not changing their decisions even though some players are upset. They might be working on other games instead. But if they don’t do something soon, fewer people might want to play Pokemon GO.

Some people who play Pokemon GO are upset with the company that made the game, Niantic. They did something that made people mad, and then they deleted a message that made fun of the players. We don’t know if Niantic will try to make things better or keep doing what they’re doing. It’s important for game makers to listen to what their players say so that everyone can keep enjoying the game. For more detail click the link.

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