Persona 3 Remake and Jsr Remaster Rumour

Persona 3 Remake and Jsr Remaster Rumour: If you’re a fan of the Persona video games, you may be excited to know that a new Persona game is coming to the Switch. Persona 4 Golden was made available on the Switch earlier this year, and it’s a port of the game that was originally released on the PlayStation Portable. While Persona 3 is one of the older Persona games, it’s starting to show its age compared to the later entries in the franchise.

Persona 3 Remake and Jsr Remaster Rumour

The video reportedly shows a character from Persona 3 in 2021 summoning their Persona, and then attacking an enemy with arrows.

If the game you’re playing isn’t fun, you can try something else. If that still isn’t enough, there are other games out there that might be more to your liking. Finally, there’s always a chance that a new or updated game in a popular franchise might be something you want to check out.

This is just a video, so don’t put too much stock in it. However, it’s possible that it’s fake and that a new Persona 3 game is actually in development. If it’s true, we would be very excited! for more detail click the link.

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