PK XD Codes Wiki | Gift Code [April 2023]

PK XD Codes Wiki | Gift Code [April 2023]: Here are some codes that you can use to get free items. Just enter the code in the game, and you’ll get your goodies.


PK XD codes can be used to get free stuff in the game. Keep this page bookmarked, and check back often for the latest codes.

What are PK XD Codes?

Gift codes are codes that developers share with players on their official social media accounts. They usually use these codes on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, or YouTube. Sometimes, they share the codes on the game’s own forum website. These codes usually give players in-game currencies or items. The basic currency (the currency you can earn by playing the game) or premium in-game currencies (hard to obtain) are usually rewarded with the codes.

PK XD Codes Wiki | Gift Code [April 2023]

List of PK XD Codes

  • Muito obrigado – Gift code for 100 gems (Expiry; unknown, if not working, comment below)
  • QUEREMOSUANDOCREATOR – Gift code for 500 gems
  • DANCECHALLENGEZG – Gift code for 100 gems
  • KEKEZITOSFLAME – Gift code for 200 gems
  • GWJOVANNATEAMFLAME – Gift code for 400 gems
  • G022KIRAVOLTS – Gift code for 333 gems
  • SANTITOSVOLTS – Gift code for 888 gems
  • SURYA27VOLTS – Gift code for 100 gems
  • LINDOCABELINHOVOLTS2 – Gift code for 200 gems
  • OCULOSESCUROSFLAME22 – Gift code for 100 gems
  • Israegamerteamvolts – Gift code for armour.
  • SOPORCAUSATEAMFLAME – Gift code for 100 gems
  • OZGUSTVTEAMVOLTS – Gift code for 444 gems
  • NALITOSVOLTS1 – Gift code for 250 gems
  • PKXDJOURNEXTEAMFLAME – Gift code for 100 gems
  • Typk22xdjeeny423 – Gift code for 100 gems
  • LULUKAPKXD – Gift code for armour.
  • ROGTODBBN50L0 – Gift code for 100 gems and armour.
  • PKXDGIFT – Gift code for 666 gems
  • PKXDGIFT2022 – Gift code for 600 gold.
  • GIFTPKXD2022 – Gift code for armour.
  • TIMEBRANCOALA – Gift code for 333 gold.
  • PXXDMTIMEBR – Gift code for 988 gems and gold.
  • POP – Gift code for armour.
  • LULUCAPKXD – Gift code for 100 gems
  • ROGTODBBN50L0 – Gift code for 100 gems
  • TEAMBRANCOALA – Gift code for 888 gems and armour.

How To Redeem PK XD Gift Code?

  • To get started, tap the (+) icon on the upper right of the screen.
  • Type in the code from the list and tap ‘Activate’.
  • This will redeem your rewards.
  • Scroll right to see the code list and tap ‘Insert Code’.

You can only use this code once per account.

How To Get More PK XD Codes?

There are new PK XD Codes available on the game’s official social media accounts. You can bookmark this page and check for them regularly. Once available, we will update this list with all the new codes. Usually, the game developers publish codes for special events like game milestones, popular occasions, collaborations, and special events. for more details click the link.


How Many Times Can You Use A PK XD Code?

Only one PK XD code can be used per account, so if you’ve already used one and want to use another, it won’t work. If you try to use a code more than once, the game will tell you that you’ve already used it and can’t use it again.

Are These PK XD Codes Permanent?

Some PK XD codes are permanent, while some last for a few days or are limited to a certain number of attempts. A permanent code, one that’s not time-sensitive, can be redeemed once by a player, anytime. Time-sensitive or time-limited PK XD codes are limited – the date is set by the developers. Once the time limit has been reached, you will not be able to redeem these codes.

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