Somerville vs Pentiment: Which Xbox game is better?

Somerville vs Pentiment: Which Xbox game is better? It’s the age-old question, an argument that you’ve probably had with your friends since you started playing games on Xbox. Which game, Somerville or Pentiment, do you like better? This article will break down both games and let you know which one reigns supreme as your favorite Xbox game in this Somerville vs Pentiment comparison review.

All About Somerville

Somerville vs Pentiment: Which Xbox game is better?

Gameplay of Somerville

The gameplay of Somerville is quite unique and addictive. The game starts with five random words that the player must create a sentence using each word once. However, there are some words that are not allowed to be used in the same sentence such as apple and orange.

This makes for some challenging puzzles, but also ensures that all of your sentences make sense and have a point to them. Another interesting feature of Somerville is that you can change the starting word each time you play, which keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting! If you’re looking for an easy but still mind-boggling puzzle app then Somerville may just be what you’re looking for!

Storyline of Somerville

Do you like space exploration? Do you want to live on a distant planet with other people and build your own colonies? Somerville, an indie RPG game by Pixel Perfex, is all about exploring the unknown and finding new friends in a way that’s more interactive than anything else you’ve ever played. Join six colonists as they start their lives on Somerville, an uninhabited planet waiting to be explored and built upon.

You will have to survive natural disasters, find food and water, raise children and construct buildings for shelter before your hard work pays off! But life on Somerville isn’t always easy– natural disasters are common, food and water are scarce, illness can strike at any moment…

Character Roaster of Somerville

In the world of video games, there is always one thing that gamers want: the best, most immersive experience possible. Somerville and Pentiment are two games that offer just that–but with different styles of gameplay and characters to choose from. While both of these games are great in their own right, only one can come out on top as the best Xbox game for a variety of reasons.

The first major difference between Somerville and Pentiment is the way they play with Somerville being more strategy-based and realistic, and Pentiment focusing more on fantasy elements like magic and dragons.

Graphics of Somerville

I am a big fan of graphic design and I love playing games on my Xbox One, which means that I’ve been looking forward to the release of Somerville since it was announced. And when it finally came out, the first thing I noticed was how the graphics looked a little different than other games.

The colors are more muted and realistic than they are in most video games, making Somerville feel like a living, breathing world you can explore at your leisure. It’s like stepping into a painting–a bit washed-out and surreal but beautiful nonetheless! I also really liked how there were no loading screens as you moved from one area to another.

All About Pentiment

Somerville vs Pentiment: Which Xbox game is better?

Gameplay of Pentiment

Pentiment is a 3D platformer with some RPG elements. Players play as the character, Pentiment, to collect keys and defeat enemies in order to unlock the door at the end of each level and progress through the story. The gameplay includes combat that can be played either as an action RPG or a platformer; players can also use their weapons to create platforms in order to access new areas, a mechanic that was inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2

Storyline of Pentiment

Pentiment revolves around a group of friends who live in Pentiment City, and their online adventures inside the virtual world of Pentiment. You play as one of the kids, going on quests and solving puzzles with your friends to become a true hero of the land.

The story of Pentiment unfolds in an episodic manner over 6 chapters that span across 3 years. Your actions determine what your character does next in both reality and the game world, making for a more personalized experience than you would get from other games with less player-driven narrative experiences.

Character Roaster of Pentiment

A ‘Character Roaster of Pentiment’ can be found on the back of the box, but you might have to do some digging online to find a list of characters as there’s no in-game menu option for that. The Roaster is not perfect though and does have some errors, one of which would be how it handles the protagonist – who can only be male and has a default name of P – and many other characters.

The Roaster does not account for non-binary or female characters, so it’s best if you want to play as someone different than P to go online and find out what they’re called in order to type their name in at the start of the game; this will also help avoid any confusion when naming your ship/town/etc.

Graphics of Pentiment

Pentiment is a great game if you’re looking for an alternative to Somerville. But, it’s not the same type of game. The graphics are more like something from the 90s with boxes and squares – not sleek. But, it’s still fun to play and has many of the same elements that make Somerville so appealing.

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Overall, it’s hard to determine which one of these games is better because they each have their positives and negatives. Even though Somerville does have the edge in terms of graphics, Pentiment offers an overall more immersive experience for gamers who want to dive into a realistic world.

If you like exploring and being thrown into the center of a complex story, then Pentiment might be the way to go; if you are all about the action and explosions in your games, then Somerville has what you need!

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