Tarkov Survivor Class 2023

Tarkov Survivor Class 2023: What is survivor class in tarkov – Escape From Tarkov is a first person tactical multiplayer game that has taken the gaming industry by storm. Its difficult levels and intricate nature have earned it an enthusiastic following, leading to this article on Tarkov Survivor Class in Tarkov: providing you with a comprehensive guide so you can become an expert of this popular title.

What is Tarkov Survivor Class 

There is a tab on your in-game character statistics where you can find information about the Tarkov Survivor class.

The statistic shown at the top of this page is designed to help you understand how you’re doing in the game, based on how you’ve been performing in other parts of the game. It can change over time, depending on how you’re playing.

This stat in Escape From Tarkov has five main possible values.

Tarkov Survivor Class 2023

There are mainly five possible Tarkov Survivor Class 2023 in Escape From Tarkov:


Tarkov Survivor Class

The gamer hasn’t gained enough experience in the game to choose a clear survivor class. Battle State Games hasn’t specifically defined what requirements are needed to change classes, so the gamer is still an unknown.

At level 20, you will start to see different options on your stats page. This is because you have reached a new level of development.

In any case, before this point, gamers can figure out what their in-game class would be based on the experience metric it is based on.

Now without further delay let’s start the Tarkov Survivor Class guide.


The gamer has been playing the game for a long time and has become very good at killing other players. This player usually focuses on hunting down dog tags belonging to other players (known as “Scavs” or “PMC” in the game) rather than looking for high-level items.


Tarkov Survivor Class

The way a lot of gamers play is by looting everything they can find in the game. This is usually done by playing as the Marauder survivor class, which means focusing on looting and storing everything you find. Avoid hunting Scavs (players who are trying to take everything from the game) or other gamers, and you’ll be doing well in the game.

This means that the gamer is looking for areas with lots of valuable items, since these items offer more entertainment value than any in-game kills.


Tarkov Survivor Class

The gamer has a lot of experience playing their character as a healer, which means they spend a lot of time healing in raids.

Gamers who are able to survive in Tarkov are doing something special. This is likely because they are taking on challenges that are dangerous, like being in close proximity to barbed wire, fire, or falling.


Tarkov Survivor Class

Players earn character experience by surviving in the game. This means they have a higher chance of survival and shorter time for raids, because they produce less loot and kills.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to switch classes in Tarkov – this is because it’s related to the game play style. Some members of a raid team might be using different classes within the game, however.

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