The Tale of Food Codes (April 2023): Latest Codes

The Tale of Food Codes (April 2023): The Tale of Food is an RPG game where you can collect characters with names related to food. You’ll fight enemies to progress, and you can customize your home to fit your personal taste and preferences.

Players can use codes to get rewards in the game. Rewards can vary depending on the code that is used, including shells, food items, characters, and even cash!

What are The Tale of Food Codes?

In the Tale of Food mobile RPG, you can collect powerful heroes with interesting powers. These heroes can help you play the game quickly and easily. Additionally, as you play the game, you’ll learn more about the game’s story and background. This makes the game more immersive for you.

The Tale of Food Codes (Active)

All working codes are provided here below:

FOOD777Pentachrome soil, 500 shells, speedup soap, and two 200% efficiency runes
FOOD333Yangzhou rice unit
FOODSTORYSpeedup oil, favor giftbox, star up case, and an ingredients case
FOOD2023New Moon Plums frame
GIFT-A5,000 shells
GIFT-BTwo 200% efficiency runes
GIFT-CBunny bun
GIFT-D30 miracle stones
TOF2023Bunny bun, 50 miracle stones, 5,000 shells, and two 200% efficiency runes
TOFGIFTTwo 200% efficiency runes and 50 miracle stones
TOFGRANDOPENBunny bun (M), tasty eight frame, and a soul core chest

The Tale of Food Codes (April 2023)

How Can I Redeem The Tale of Food Codes?

To redeem The Tale of Food gift code, follow these steps:

  • To exchange a gift code, open the “Tale of Food” app
  • And go to the “Gear/Setting” icon.
  • Select the “Pack Exchange” option.
  • Enter the gift code you received and press “Confirm.”
  • You’ll get rewards for your code!

How Can I Get More The Tale of Food Codes?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord accounts for The Tale of Food regularly release new redemption codes for in-game items. We strongly advise bookmarking these pages and checking back often, as new codes are released – when new codes come out, we’ll add them to our Gift Code list. Typically, developers issue codes in recognition of special occasions, milestones reached, collaborations completed, or other noteworthy events. For more detail click the link.

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