Therizinosaurus Ark: How to Tame, Breed and Feed

Therizinosaurus Ark: The Therizinosaurus is a powerful dinosaur that can do lots of things, like attack and gather things. But the developers have lowered its damage and gathering rates so that it is not as powerful as it used to be. Nonetheless, it is still a popular dino and can be used for various activities.

Appearance of Therizinosaurus Ark

When you meet a Therizinosaurus on an island, it can be scary because it is so strong and can fight like a Tyrannosaurus or Allosaurus. Therizinosaurus was actually a herbivore, so it has long claws that it can use to grab leaves to eat. These claws are also good for slashing people if they are attacked. Therizinosaurus has a lot of feathers, just like a real-life Therizinosaurus.

How to tame a therizinosaurus in ark

To catch a Therizinosaurus, you can use traps to capture it. One way to do this is to place bear traps on the ground to make it run into them. Alternatively, you could create an archway trap to capture it.

If you’re worried about a big, scary dinosaur, you can try using traps to catch it. But, sometimes it’s best just to shoot it when you see it. If you do this, the dinosaur will run towards the trap, and when it’s caught, you can use tranquilizer darts to make it unconscious.

To tame the Therizinosaurus, wait until it is unconscious and then give it Mejoberries or kibble to eat. It is recommended to use Narcoberries or Narcotics to keep it in a stunned state during the taming process. The taming process takes time, so it is advisable to place spikes around the dinosaur for protection and to monitor it throughout the process.

How Can We Make the Therizinosaurus Saddle

To craft the Therizinosaurus Saddle, players must reach level 69 and spend 40 Engram Points to unlock the recipe. The required resources to make a saddle are as follows:

  • 285x Hide
  • 160x Fiber
  • 120x Wood
  • 55x Metal Ingots

Feed A Therizinosaurus In ARK (Taming Food)

Therizinosaurus Ark: How to Tame, Breed and Feed

After taming your Therizinosaurus, it’s important to understand its dietary preferences. Therizinosaurs are herbivores and only eat plants, so it’s much easier to feed them what they want.

Extra Large Egg1
Rare Flower1
Focal Chili1
Cooked Meat9
Azul Berry20
  • Fresh Wheat
  • Fresh Barley
  • Soybeans
  • Vegetables
  • Berries
  • Dried Wheat

Breed A Therizinosaurus In Ark

To breed Therizinosaurs in Ark, you need to build an enclosure and place both male and female Therizinosaurs inside it. When breeding starts, watch carefully to make sure it happens smoothly and that mating occurs between male and female Therizinosaurs. For more information about breeding Therizinosaurs, see our Ark Breeding Guide.

If you are able to have a baby dinosaur, you need to keep it warm and safe between 26 and 32 degrees, or 29 degrees in an incubator. Once the baby has hatched, it will need around 11.5 hours to develop into an adult and need food provided on an ongoing basis.

As an adolescent, a therizinosaur can feed itself without help from a keeper. Gestation lasts about four days and 20 hours. for more detail click the link.

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