Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention: Sometimes, some games don’t get as much attention as others even though they are good. This can make the people who make the games feel sad. We want to give a shoutout to these game makers and show them some love for their hard work.

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

The Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention are as follows:

10. The Medium

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

Even though Halloween is over, we still like scary things! There are new versions of scary games like Resident Evil and we still love old ones like Dead Space.

You pretend to be Maryanne, who has special powers. She goes on a big adventure to figure out where her powers come from. Along the way, she meets strange creatures and has headaches that make the picture look funny. There is also a big mystery that is really exciting.

The game is like trying to stay alive while going on an exciting adventure. There’s a bad guy who can’t be defeated, like Nemesis from Resident Evil. The challenges in the game aren’t as scary as other games, but it’s still fun to play.

9. Oddworld – Soulstorm

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

I think it’s really cool when games have been around for a really long time. The Oddworld games have been around since before I was even in college! Now, in 2021, they’ve made a new game with the character named Abe.

Your goal is to rescue Abe’s friends from the bad guys who want to use them for money and work. The game is like others you may have played before but has an exciting story, is fun, and lets you make cool weapons to use in tough situations.

Uh oh, some pesky bugs got into the game and are causing problems. The characters might get stuck or disappear, but the story is still good enough to keep playing until the end. Keep going and you’ll reach the finish line!

8. Blue Fire

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

Platformers are everywhere, the gaming world is full of them,  It’s hard to find a new successor these days to make you stop and think ‘This isn’t half bad at all’ Blue fire finds a way of combining a few very popular platforms games than adding its flavor to a fault.

You play as a lone warrior on a mission to help clear out the riff-raff roaming the city of Penumbra, sadly they outnumber you 1000-1. You can see shades of Mario, Hallow Knight, and Zelda lurking around the corners but it does switch gears halfway through into more of a boss-hunting affair.

While it gets frustrating going back and forth to some areas, the games gravity defining moments and brilliant special attacks make you feel empowered. , the package certainly packs a cute but addictive punch to the mix of adventure titles.

7. Returnal

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

A movie called Groundhog Day gave people an idea to make stories where the main character keeps starting over and over again. Now, a game called Returnal made it even more exciting by adding a Sci-Fi story and a main character who has made some mistakes in the past.

Selene went to a new planet to investigate a sound she heard, but she got stuck in a loop where the same things kept happening over and over again. The game is really hard and there are lots of bad guys that try to attack you all at once.

The game is fun to play, but it’s too hard and you can’t save your progress. There are cool weapons and levels, and a story about Selene’s past. Even though it’s tough, I still think it’s worth playing.

6. Cyber Shadow

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

Cyber Shadow is a really cool video game that looks like the ones from a long time ago when Sega was really popular. It’s like a game where you explore and find new things, and it has some new ideas too.

The story is about Shadow, who has to protect his group and find the person who did something bad to them. The pictures in the game look old-fashioned, but it’s still fun to use your sharp sword to fight.

This game is like the old games from a long time ago. Sometimes it can be really hard and make you feel upset, but when you finally do well, it feels really good. I like this game because it reminds me of the fun games I used to play when I was little.

5. Mundaun

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

There are scary video games where you see everything from the character’s point of view. One of the newest games called Resident Evil Village is really popular and different from the others.

You pretend to be Curdin who goes back home because someone in his family passed away, but then strange things start happening and you have to be sneaky to avoid bad guys. It’s like a big puzzle you have to solve with some scary parts.

This game was made by a very small team, which makes me like it even more. It might not be the very best scary game, but it’s still really good and deserves to be recognized as one of the best games of the year.

4.  Necromunda Hired Gun

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

Necromunda is a video game where you play as a soldier who needs to find out about a secret plan in a city called Necromunda. It’s like a big mystery adventure game!

In the game, the hero does jobs and uses their dog to destroy things with guns, making a big mess of bullets and blood.

The game has problems that shouldn’t be there, even though it looks really cool. There are cool things like killing, weapons, and dogs that can do special things.

3. Little Nightmares

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

Do you like spooky video games with cute characters? Little Nightmares is one of those games! It takes some ideas from other games like it, but it also has some extra scary parts.

In this game, you become Mono and have to stay safe in a city called Pale. It’s a fun and wild adventure that you should play in the dark to really feel the cool sounds and mood of the game.

The second game is different from the first one. In this game, you can fight bad guys or run away from them. You also have a friend who can help you solve puzzles and you can even hold hands while you travel together. It’s a fun game that needs other people to keep playing.

2. Nier Replicant 1.22

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

Square Enix made a new action game that’s really cool. It’s kinda like an old game they already made, but better. It’s not Final Fantasy, but that’s okay!

In the game, you pretend to be Nier who is trying to find a medicine to save his sister who is very sick. He does some things that are not so good to get the medicine because he loves his sister very much.

Nier is a game with cool fighting using swords and magic, and a really interesting story. It’s a type of game called an RPG, and even though not many people knew about it before, more people are starting to notice how good it is now.

1. Scarlett Nexus

Top 10 underrated games that deserve more attention

There’s going to be a cool mix-up of different Anime shows! One of these shows is on TV right now and there’s also a really awesome game that not enough people appreciate. Let’s show it some love!

You can pick to be either Yuito or Kasane, who are both part of a team that fights against strange flower monsters called Others that are trying to take over the city.

Scarlett Nexus is a really cool game that has a fun story, fun gameplay, and great music. It all works together to make the game even more fun. You should try playing it just like the other games on the list.

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