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As a young and teen musician, MattyBRaps amassed hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

In a popular TikTok, the 19-year-old updated followers on his most recent appearance.

Over 12.7 million people watched the TikTok, and over 22,000 people commented on it.

Following the singer's announcement of his most recent appearance to fans, a video of YouTuber and musician MattyB went viral on TikTok.

On December 11, 7-year-old MattyB and MattyBRaps, a 19-year-old musician who first gained notoriety as them, shared an 8-second TikTok.

"I get older and start changing," followed by "You say "I want little mattyb back,"" was the caption that appeared on the screen.

Morris began publishing videos to his 1.9 million-follower  accTikTokount in August 2022 under the handle @iam mattmorris.