Everything that happened in the 10 years between episodes 5 and 6 of House Of The Dragon

A ton can occur in 10 years, and on Place Of The Winged serpent, a ton of it occurs off-screen

While we've gotten time hops between episodes previously — the biggest one spreading over three years — this is the farthest into the future we've gone at this point.

Episodes five and six are isolated by 10 years, during which the characters changed an incredible arrangement.

Some of them such a lot of that they in a real sense became various individuals.

The piece flew by rapidly in "The Princess And The Sovereign," so on the off chance that you missed something.

Here's a convenient manual for what's been happening and who's been getting going over 10 years in Westeros and then some.

What occurred in Lord's Arrival??

Princess Rhaenyra burned through no time continuing on from Ser Criston Cole to Harwin "Breakbones" Solid, last seen lifting her behind him and doing her of the Incomparable Lobby, away from the upheaval brought about by her previous sweetheart.

 He's commandant of the City Watch, otherwise called the Gold Shrouds, a position Daemon once held. Obviously, she has a sort (fellows in shrouds).

Rhaenyra currently has two children — Jacaerys, nicknamed Jace, and Lucerys, or Luke — and is currently bringing forth a third when the episode starts.

They seem to be her significant other and regal partner, Ser Laenor Velaryon. They all look similar to Ser Harwin, as a matter of fact. Everybody has taken note.

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