Mysterious game you must play: "Slitherio game"

Mysterious game you must play: "Slitherio game"

The goal of the game is to control a snake, otherwise called "slithers", around a wide region and eat pellets, crushing and consuming different players to acquire mass to become the biggest and longest in the game.

Whenever players are brought forth into the virtual world, their Avatar stays in steady movement.

Assuming the player's snake's head impacts another crawl, the player will bite the dust.

The crushed symbol's body transforms into splendid, bigger sparkling pellets for different players to consume.

These pellets that stay from "death" of a symbol will compare to the shade of the actual symbol, and are both more brilliant and greater than "ordinary" pellets, which produce normally all through the world.

Typical pellets don't give as much mass as pellets dropped from different snakes.

"chase" pellets will show up exclusively in different spots of the world; when eaten, they give a more noteworthy measure of mass than pellets dropped by different snakes.

 Pursue pellets stay away from snakes and escape when they move close. Pursue pellets can acquired by help.