Rescuers hold out hope as they search for missing actor Julian Sands.

Julian Sands, best known for his work in “A Room With a View” and “Warlock,” went missing on Mount Baldy on Jan. 13

Multi week after an entertainer disappeared on a misleading mountain close to Los Angeles, search-and-salvage teams are holding out trust that his mountaineering experience has permitted him to get by beneath frigid temperatures and blanketed conditions.

 The quest for the 65-year-old English entertainer started that day and has proceeded with each day since, turning up no indication of him.

However not notable beyond Southern California, Mount Baldy is quite possibly of the most scandalous top in the district, as much for its trouble as its excellence.

However an hour beyond bright Los Angeles, the 10,064-foot (4,193 meters) mountain is much of the time shrouded in snow and ice in the colder time of year and has been the site of numerous passings and mishaps throughout the long term.

Recently, an accomplished climber and mother of four named Precious stone Gonzalez fell 500 feet to her demise while endeavoring to highest point Baldy.

Her demise came under about fourteen days after another explorer, Jarret Choi, kicked the bucket in a fall in neighboring Ice House Gorge.

 Teams are additionally looking for one more missing climber in the mountains only east of Baldy.