The shocking, sudden death of actress Charlbi Dean, age 32

A sudden illness has taken the life of South African actress and model Charlbi Dean Kriek. She passed away on Monday, August 29 in a New York hospital, Deadline reports.

Charlbi Dean was a breakout actress and an established model. DC fans may recognize her from the superhero series 'Black Lightning.'

The only information released, was that the actress had died from "an unexpected sudden illness," per TMZ

The film, directed by Ruben Östlund, comes out in October 2022 but already made a big impression at the Cannes film festival. It won the gala's highest award, a Palme D'Or.

Other films Charlbi Dean participated in were 'Spud,' 'Blood in the Water,' 'Don't Sleep,' and 'Porthole,' to name a few.

At a very young age, Charlbi began modeling. She would appear in catalogues and commercials by the age of six.

In 2008, 18-year-old Charlbi and her boyfriend Ashton Schnehage (25, also a model) got into a severe car crash.

She survived the accident.

Acting was always her priority over modeling, Charlbi would later tell Vogue Scandinavia. After 'Spud,' she made at least one film per year, spending more and more time in Hollywood.

In the superhero series 'Black Lightning' on The CW, Charlbi played the anti-heroine Syonide. Her recurring character was a trained assassin with special powers.

Just when she was going to make her breakthrough in Hollywood, Charlbi Dean Kriek's life was cut short.