Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life

Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life: In the game, Lizzie goes missing after the bad guys finish their work. Players have to look for her in different places and talk to people to find clues about where she might be. They might find hints in places like slums or by talking to someone named Gene Zaroothian. There’s a chance the bad guys might have taken her too. Players have to be careful and defeat the bad guys to save Lizzie and keep her safe. By doing different missions and exploring, players can find Lizzie and bring her back to safety.

Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life

As you play the game, you’ll meet a girl named Lizzie who lives with a man named Gene Zaroothian. Later on, you’ll find out that Lizzie is dating an alien named Tweeg who comes to their house. After beating some bad guys, Lizzie leaves with Tweeg. Then, after beating another boss and completing a mission, Gene Zaroothian tells you that Lizzie is missing.

Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life

You need to give your weapons to Gene Zaroothian and go straight to Space Applebee’s where Tweeg works. But you can keep Kenny and Knifey with you.

To get to Applebee’s in the Slums, you need to go through the entrance you opened before and walk through the tunnel. Then, use your special ability to fly or swing across any dirty areas to get to the docks.

When you get to a place called Uptown, go to a restaurant called Applebee’s where someone named Tweeg works. When you go inside and ask about Tweeg, the person who helps you will say he’s not there. Then Kenny will ask for a table for two. While you’re talking to the person helping you, you’ll hear Tweeg and Lizzie arguing outside. Tweeg sold Lizzie to bad people and then took her away without permission.

Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life

Bad guys called the G3 Cartel will try to hurt you and strange places called Warps will appear in the poor part of town as you go back home. You have to fight the bad guys and go to another city to fix the Warps there too. When you get back home, your friend Gene will tell you where to find someone named Lizzie. Then, a planet that’s in trouble will magically move your house.

Gene wants you to take a nap and relax while he works on making a magic door to save Lizzie. When you wake up, go downstairs to get a better shield for your special suit and Gene will tell you where Lizzie is. Once the magic door is ready, go through it to find and save Lizzie. for more detail on Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life click the link.

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