XDefiant Beta Codes (April 2023): How to get?

XDefiant Beta Codes (April 2023): To get a beta code for XDefiant, you can either get it from the official website or by getting it through social media and Twitch. If you want to increase your chances of getting a beta code, you can follow Ubisoft on social media and keep an eye out for drops. You can also watch Twitch streamers play the game to potentially receive a code.

How to get XDefiant beta code

Follow these steps to obtain an XDefiant beta code:

  • To find the XDefiant website, you can type “XDefiant” into your web browser’s search bar.
  • You can sign up to be a beta tester for the new game by providing the information requested on the beta sign-up page.
  • To get started, you will need to wait for an invitation email that will include your beta code.
  • To use XDefiant, you need to first download and install it on your device. Once it’s installed, follow the instructions to get started.
  • To install the app, you will need to enter a code found in your invitation email.
  • After the installation process is done, launch XDefiant and start playing as soon as you can!

XDefiant Beta Codes (April 2023): How to get?


XDefiant Beta Twitch comes out

If you want to be eligible for a beta code for XDefiant, you’ll need to spend at least 30 minutes watching a partnered streamer play the game on Twitch. You can find partnered channels by visiting the XDefiant category on Twitch and looking for streamers with a “drops enabled” title in their stream description.

To get the XDefiant code for your Ubisoft account, you first need to have an Ubisoft account and be registered for Ubisoft Twitch drops. If you’re using a PlayStation or Xbox, you can connect your console to your Ubisoft account and then find the XDefiant code in your Twitch library. After you get the code, you can enter it on the Ubisoft website.

How to redeem XDefiant Beta Codes

To start playing your game, go to the Ubisoft Redeem Codes Page and enter your code into the box. Next, click “Submit Code” to activate and play your game! for more detail click the link.

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