Zombie Army Simulator Codes (April 2023): Get Latest Code

Zombie Army Simulator Codes (April 2023): Get Latest Code- Zombie Army Simulator is a game that combines elements of different genres, such as resource management and real-time combat with an abundance of zombies. This game is aimed at letting players create their own legion of zombies, and we have a list of all working codes here.

What is “Zombie Army Simulator”?

As you play Zombie Army Simulator, you’ll unlock new containers that release different kinds of zombies. Every time you rank up or move to a new world, you’ll get new zombies to fight with. Be careful, though—other players might try to eat your corpses!

Zombie Army Simulator Codes (April 2023): Get Latest Code
Zombie Army Simulator Codes (April 2023): Get Latest Code

Zombie Army Simulator Codes (April 2023)

All active Zombie Army Simulator Codes (April 2023) are mentioned below:

  • 40kfavs—Redeem for a 2x Skulls Potion (New)
  • 7mvis—Redeem for Luck Potion (New)
  • 20klikes—Redeem for 2 Brain Potions (New)
  • 14klikes—Redeem for 2x Potions
  • 2mvis—Redeem for a 2x Skulls Potion
  • 1M—Redeem for Luck Potion
  • Creptiez—Redeem for Creptiez
  • Gravy—Redeem for Gravycatman
  • 500kvis—Redeem for 2 Brain Potions
  • 6kfavs—Redeem for 2 Brain Potions
  • 2000likes—Redeem for Luck Potion
  • JEFF—Redeem for JeffBlox Zombie
  • 1kfavs—Redeem for rewards
  • 500likes—Redeem for Skull Potions
  • RELEASE—Free rewards


No expired codes are available.

How Can I Redeem Zombie Army Simulator Codes

redeeming codes in the game is very simple. Follow the instructions below and you will be able to redeem all codes.

  • You can use the Roblox app to play Zombie Army Simulator.
  • To use Twitter in the game, click it from the left menu.
  • You can enter a code from the table above to see how it works.
  • If you do a good job, you may receive a reward.

How to get more Zombie Army Simulator Codes

To get the most out of Dark Gaming Roblox, join the Discord channel and the Dark Gaming Roblox Group. You’ll be able to learn more about the game and enjoy exclusive benefits in-game. Otherwise, we’ll keep this wiki updated with all the latest codes. So be sure to check back often!

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Why aren’t my Zombie Army Simulator Codes working?

Zombie Army Simulator codes are controlled by the developer and expire at different times. codes may expire faster or slower, so be sure to check the expiration date and whether it is still active. If you notice a code that is no longer working, please let us know so we can update this list.

What is Zombie Army Simulator?

Zombie Army Simulator is a game in which you collect zombies to build up your army. As you play, you will gain ranks and rewards that will help you improve your forces. You will also face enemies that are stronger than you, so be careful!


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